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Matt is so energetic, insightful and fun. Oh and the food is so yum!!! I will be bringing friends next time! ~ Willow B.

Matt is a serial entrepreneur and genius. He has now applied his knowledge and experience to a wonderful, and badly need cause. I highly recommend Matt Rowe. ~ Michael G.

Matt's guidance and steps have led me to feeling better about my MS both physically and mentally. It is great to now have hope and steps to feel better and not be a victim of a diagnosis - Susan G.

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Identity of Health Podcast

Dana Hutchinson and Matt Rowe discuss her healing story of overcoming a chronic auto-immune disease

After Dana was diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease in 2011 she became devoted to studying preventive medicine, holistic nutrition, and alternative herbal medicine to heal the body naturally. Dana went on to overcome the disease and she became the founder of The Wilflower Clinic 

Dana is certified in:

Certificate in Nutrition- Cornell University Certified Chinese Herbologist- Institute of Chinese Herbology Certified Flower Essence Practitioner- Heart of Herbs Herbalism School Certified Herbalist- Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism  Certified Reiki Therapist- Body Mind Energy Center Certificate in Advanced Medical Herbalism- North American Institute of Medical Herbalism  Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hr- Cascade School of Yoga 

Dana is dedicated to discovering the “root cause” in each patient by enhancing their healing process on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.   

I am so proud and honored to have Dana join us. 

Listen to this great story here

Michelle Mras and Matt Rowe discuss her incredible healing journey of dying, living and her compelling message of self discovery and living a life of intention.

Michelle Mras is an internationally recognized inspirational speaker, published author, intuitive leader, wife, and mother who has been stirring audiences and individuals to action through her compelling message of self discovery and living a life of intention. 

Michelle’s infectious presentations inspire her clients to rise above any negative self-talk and reclaim their inner strength. She is committed to helping others realize a more balanced life that frees them to build healthy beliefs in themselves.

Choosing to live her life with intention is the defining element shaping every endeavor Michelle undertakes.  Her fiery spirit and passion, drives her to candidly share the key moments that transformed her into the irresistible force she is today.

I met Michelle about a month ago through a mutual friend and was inspired by her story. 

Michelle has written two books 

“Eat Drink and be Mary"  - A Glimpse Into a Life Well Lived and "It's Not Luck" - Overcoming You 

Michelle has a philosophy in life:

“Embrace your toddler mindset.”

Have a Plan Eat Dessert First Stay Out of Ruts


Leah Shockley and Matt Rowe discuss her beautiful story of healing MS and taking her life back by addressing the root cause.

Leah Shockley is an incredible woman who reclaimed her life back after being diagnosed with MS. 

Leah's story about never giving up and looking deep inside herself to heal an incurable disease. 

Leah is now the founder of Life Talks Table a complete immersive healing experience addressing all 7 energy centers in the body. 

Know more at 


Karen Hertz and Matt Rowe Discuss Healing and Avoiding Cancer

Karen Hertz and Matt Rowe discuss her story of healing and avoiding cancer relapse by avoiding gluten and stress. 

Karen was led to open Holidaily Brewery in Golden Colorado. One of the few gluten free beers that tastes better than beer made with gluten. 

Visit to know about the best beer that is made in a 100% gluten free brewery. 

Listen to the great story here

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During the call we will identify your first step to begin feeling better and gain control over MS

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