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Identity of Health - Introduction by Matt Rowe

The fear placed on patients at the time of their diagnosis sets the stage of limited perceived choices. This fear is treated with pharmaceuticals and hope. When it comes time to tell others of their diagnosis, often times a patient or loved one receives the sad, empathetic face. The face that has been dubbed “the cancer face.”


In all of these interactions, what is happening inside the patients mental well being and sense of self? Friends and family want to help but they don’t know how. As patients, we feel sometimes like a burden which only goes to weaken our mental well-being further.


On the other extreme, there are those that hear the diagnoses from their doctor and although it scares them, they quickly began to think of curing the disease. They look inward to who they are and decide quickly to survive and thrive. They educate themselves and look at options. They have productive conversations with their doctor. They make choices based on what they WANT instead of what is being SERVED to them.


They are Survivors.


What is the difference between these two scenarios and how do you adopt the latter mindset and identity of a survivor?


This state of mind does not come easily. This identity and state of mind require the willingness to be curious and open to a new way of life. Next comes the opportunity to live this new identity. The willingness to try begins by answering the questions “who am I?” and “what do I want?”


Survivors begin to look inward first and then for information and positive support. They find resources to have the WTF conversation with no judgment. They look for someone that tells them to get up again and address negative victim-based mentality quickly. They find someone that encourages them. If this person is not available in your life, then you may seek others with like-minded thinking. You may visit groups and seek out others that may be sharing the same challenges.

Survivors look for people that want to heal and avoid those that do not support or encourage their decisions. The risk comes if you go too long before finding this needed support and are not resolute in your decision to heal. The mainstream push of pharmaceuticals, your general physical feeling, and noise from victims can allow doubt and fear to creep back in.


What can be done to avoid this risk? Those that build their mental strength leads to a positive mindset and actions that support it. This step will not happen overnight. Although I have met survivors that turned on a dime with the mentality of "Enough is Enough" and they tell themselves "I am going to survive!" They constantly pursue a strong identity of being a survivor. When additional challenges, symptoms or negative feelings arise, they learn from these moments. They wake up every day with a mindset that "this too shall pass" and they will get better. They look for additional resources and opportunities. As their mindset shifts, they begin to slowly frame the diagnosis as a GIFT to learn more about themselves and how to serve others. 

Those that build their mental strength leads to a positive mindset and actions that support it.

Have you been diagnosed with a disease or your health mentally or physically are not where you want it to be? 


Although we all care and love you, we do not have to live your life. You have been given a choice and it is for a reason. This reason is difficult or impossible to see at first but comes into view over time.

For me, it was a wakeup call and as I think about it now, it was the greatest gift ever presented to me.

It was the greatest gift ever presented to me.

Do I want to go back and relearn this lesson? Absolutely not!  The gift I soon began to realize happened when I was given the choice to address who I was, what I wanted., and more importantly deal with the mental roadblocks holding me back. I discovered that "I am enough" and my own perceived identity was holding me back from healing. My previous identity of not being good enough or deserving left me scared. It kept me from exploring other options. This cycle of blaming myself and not feeling good enough or deserving had left me with high levels of stress and fear.


I did not know how to leave this vicious spiral downward and came to realize that the critical step of mental health was solely up to me.


I discovered my identity is what I thought about myself. It led me to begin taking actions to heal. I began realizing that my thoughts led to my behavior which led me to actions that either left me feeling worse and more scared or into a world of possibilities and feeling better than I had in a long time.  My outward view and how I interpreted my diagnosis, created my current reality and whether I thought I could heal or not.


A healthy view of myself and a new identity is the gift that came over time.


If I was going to heal, then it was not only up to the foods I ate, toxins I removed and nutrients consumed. What I thought was equally, if not more important. I early on seized from using the words “I have” and “should” and switched them to healing language “I can” and “will”, I no longer allowed the diagnosis to decide my choices.


I began healing from the inside and started with who I was and what I wanted. 


This book is meant to inspire you to take health and healing into your own hands. You are the primary health care worker, caregiver, and leader of your healing team. Take this opportunity with pride and take control of healing whatever you were diagnosed with.


Whether you think you can or think you can’t. You’re right! 



  1. The Diagnosis
  2. Addressing the Fear
  3. Letting Go
  4. Dealing with Noise (Family, Friends, Doctors, Society)
  5. Fear of Death
  6. Who are You
  7. What do you Want
  8. Making a Choice
  9. Getting in Our Own Way
  10. Healing Behaviors
  11. Mindset to Heal
  12. Your Identity
  13. Measure
  14. Small Steps
  15. Faith
  16. Inspiring Others


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